What does a Washington Real Estate Audit look like?

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“You have been selected for audit of those continuing Real Estate education activities, which you certified by affidavit and submitted with your recent renewal.” -DOL

As a real estate school that operates in multiple states,
GetMeRenewed.com receive inquiries from both students and licensing authorities about an ongoing audit. That said, if you are an agent in the state of Washington, it might not come as a surprise to you that GetMeRenewed receives more audits from Washington Department of Licensing than from any other state.

What is the big deal about an Audit?

Well, an audit should never be a big deal. Agents should not fret about receiving an audit letter. As long as an agent completed his/her continuing education requirement through GetMeRenewed.com, we are able defend your audit. We are required by the DOL to keep records of our student’s attendance for a number of years. We can quickly submit the required certification document to the DOL and/or agent upon request.

Below is a Washington Real Estate audit letter received by one of our students.


What should I do as an agent if I receive an audit letter?

Send a copy of your certificates to the DOL. If you do not have a copy of your certificate, contact us at: https://www.getmerenewed.com/contact_us or Call us:

I did not do my continuing education and I indicated in my renewal affidavit that I did. What should I do?

Come clean. Let the Department of licensing know that you did not get your continuing education done. Next step is for you to get your continuing education done!

Do not fret about a CE audit. Make sure you have all your required credits. Click Here To Get Started Now

Washington Continuing Education Requirements

Second and subsequent renewals: 30 Credit Hours for a Broker/Managing Broker

First Renewal: 90 Credit Hours required


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